About TAG

TAG-Asheville (LLC) is the project of Catherine Faherty and Carolyn Ogburn. Our mission is to invite you to abandon the medical model of autism as a diagnosis, and to discover, instead, autism as a way of life. The currently dominant cultural view of autism leaves little room for the individual to understand his or her own manner of being in the world as viable, sustainable, or even possible; but we believe that the autistic way of being is all of these. Our workshops are intended to provide a safe environment for autistic adults to get together, not with social coaches or therapists, but with each other. Our intention, as facilitators of TAG, is not to teach you new ways of being, but to work together to learn how to trust the life you’ve got, the way you are.

Catherine Faherty is the best-selling author of Aspergers….What does it mean to me?; Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About Life, and Communication…what does it mean? She’s led workshops nationally and internationally, and is a licensed trainer for Carol Gray’s Social Stories.

Carolyn Ogburn is a writer and a musician, with a wild respect for human experiences, and an ongoing fascination with putting these experiences into words. She’s worked for the TEACCH Autism Program since 1998, and is grateful to this program’s creators for their sincere appreciation of autism, and their early conceptualization of autism as a culture.

The concept of TAG was shared with us by John, who spent many years thinking about the game of tag as a child, before realizing, ultimately, that Tag is just a reminder that we’re all it, to each other. Thank you, John, for teaching us this, and for allowing us to use your idea to shape ours. Please take a moment, and listen to what John says here:

(Video clip shared with us by Adam Larsen, from his documentary Neurotypical)

Together, Catherine and Carolyn have co-developed a variety of workshops for adults with ASD and their advocacy partners. Through TAG they hope to bring this empowering philosophy to a wider audience.

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